Due to all the calls and messages I have received, It is with a heavy heart that I must announce that you won't be seeing us or Sam at Reece Valley Chapel anymore unless you contact me for help with anything at 423-626-0557. We can still help you save money, overnight caskets at a much better cost and guide you through a time of loss or preparation at any funeral home or location. Contact us directly. There's a nice family from Pineville working there for now and some relatives in Georgia that are probably calling you if you had any balance. My "family" has decided to run it from Georgia or sell the family funeral home. We hope to be opening a more affordable true local family owned and operated facility in the near future so we can continue to serve our community. It is with deep sorrow that I make this announcement concerning my "family" but my wife, son and myself will still always be available to our friends and neighbors in our community.

For everyone that's had questions about their pre-needs. They are State and Federally regulated and still in trust funds drawing 4.5% interest and I always checked guaranteed so they have to be honored there in full. They are also good at any funeral home in the world. It's still your money. It's like money in the bank only growing much better then any bank offers anymore. Just call and I can give you amounts and the companies phone number and address. It is still one of the best investments that I have ever heard of backed by a multi billion dollar company doing this for many years. Even if something happened to the company other companies have to pick up all of their clients. Tennessee is one of 5 states where the banking industry is under heavy Federal scrutiny and I would always choose them over banks that is hard to get 1% from or keep up with inflation and charge you to manage your money. I felt I owed some sort of explanation to all the families over all the years because I only hear some are saying I'm on vacation and others are simply saying that Sam and I are no longer there. I'm still available to help anyone at any funeral home at need or pre-need to save them a lot of money and just to help them any way possible as their advocate and consultant. Please keep us in your prayers as we move through this difficult transition.

Sincerely ~ Davy, Angie & Alvin Reece IV

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Alvin Reece III 


Funeral Director, Insurance Agent, Consultant, Custom Monument and Casket Supplier, Counselor, Friend, and so much more with a LOCAL Educated Family , Friends and Experienced Wife, Son, and Associates that are Empathetic, Sensitive to the Needs of Others and Only see Helping People and Treating People as the Golden Rule Instructs as the only way to be. Local Family and Friends Living in and Supporting the Community and People we Love and Carrying on the Tradition and Friendship and Service that Alvin Reece Sr. started in the 1940's.   

~ Davy, Angie, Alvin Reece IV and Associates 

Working Independently for you,  the consumer with Reece jr Valley Chapel or ANY OTHER FUNERAL HOME on behalf of the consumer and not the funeral homes. If any one wants to save money negotiating arrangements and merchandise with any director at any funeral home or earn more on a Guaranteed Federally protected Pre-Need Trust and insurance plans or custom order monuments, caskets or anything needed at much better prices. 

Bigger things on the horizon for our family to help people even more and save them lots on cost as we have observed such a need for more affordable services in our community from years of working and living here locally serving Friends, Neighbors and anyone needing Honest, Proven, Dedicated and Competent, Experienced Guidance from  Family to Family. We won't be moving off to another state to let others in another state that have no experience make financail decisions effecting the family's we serve that only benefit them financially and we won't be selling out as it seems all the other former local people have.

All obituaries of the families that we created and have served will stay up and be backed up on the domains that we own and my associate manages as we go through this positive transition and we can still make, host or offer more to anyone that wants any.

Feel Free to call on us anytime with any needs, questions or concerns.  Counseling and Consulting Services vailable to work with Any Funeral Home and save you lots of money the commission driven overpriced corporations and sell outs just want to take from your family. Overnight Caskets in all Options at the Best Prices available.  Life Insurance, Trust Drawing Up to 4.5% Interest - Irrevocable- Non Asset Considered and Federally Protected. At need and Pre-Need Advice and Assistance from Caring, Empathetic Professionals that Live in and Support our own Community and don't answer to stock holders and profit driven corporations or sell outs. Custom Monuments ordered straight from the Quarries.  Money saving advice, Merchandise and service from what is left of local  Proven and  Competent Family Living in Our Community to Assist with every need and Save your Family Money. 

Let us help arrange things ahead of time or hold your hand and guide you throughought your time of loss anywhere you go and and even after the services are over. Look to the Third and Fourth Generations of What Alvin Reece Sr. started in the 1940's for the most help, compassion or fair treatment you will find. Too Often Some Things Just Skip a Generation but not with us. Carrying on the tradition of many Decades of Service.   Contact the owner of this domain: Alvin (Davy) Reece III for A free phone consultation and assessment of your needs or to set up an appointment to see how we can assist you and save you money with the best service and utmost respect for everyone’s wishes.



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